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Supposedly spring!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
At the weekend following a very late snow the day before (Nov 9) we took our two American guests to explore the Rhyollite Ridge Route on Mt Somers.

This is the most stunning walk with great views, through tussock and beech forest, over gullies and ridges. Water was seeping from everywhere as the snow melted away and it filled the gullies becoming gushing torrents of water in places where there is usually only a trickle! 

We saw the new red flowers on the mountain beech and in the carpark at Woolshed Creek found the backcountry clematis (Marata) flowering on the matagouri bushes.

There is some history involved too... with the Blackburn mine and relics....and on the way home we dropped in at the historic musterers hut in the village, which was also used by trampers prior to the building of the present Woolshed Creek hut.

Staveley Camp

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

A good crew and lots of creative energy came together at the weekend at the Staveley Camp forest rejuvenation weekend.

As the crow flies Staveley Camp is only a 1km from Rata across Bowyers Stream and part of the land sustains a rare remnant of Canterbury Plains native forest.

Gen de Spa has been doing a great job initiating the caring process to rid the forest of all the nasties which are smothering it..... ivy, cotoneaster, sycamore, broom etc.

It will be a long process so it was fantastic to see so many keen folk on board ... many involved with Time Bank Ashburton.

What a beautiful peaceful place.....definitely worth our care!