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Farm tour

Friday, January 04, 2019

Our last guided tour for the year was with a delightful extended family from Malaysia.

Their request had been to visit and experience real farm life so we organised a day taking in some of the sights of our sheep and been farm, a dairy farm and a local bush walk.

After their drive down from Christchurch, first things first ....morning smoko with scones and cream!

Tony gave our guests some idea of mustering with the sheep dogs as he brought in a mob of sheep ready to shear.

Shearing is always great to watch is such a skill holding the sheep in a relaxed way using the legs and everyone likes to get up close and personal!

It is a good time of year with pet orphaned lambs to feed.

Angus cows and calves stand out well against the green paddocks.

Our local bush is a great experience for international visitors many shades of green, birdsong and always a fresh coolness in the air.

Happy all round!!