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Native Clematis

Monday, October 22, 2018

I was booked in last Friday to guide a couple of clematis enthusiasts on a NZ native clematis finding expedition!  It was by far the worst day of the year with this supposed spring day throwing hail, snow and rain at us along with a biting southerly wind.
So it was fortunate my guests were made of stern stuff and we had a fun day focussed on finding several varieties of clematis dotted around Mid Canterbury
The flowers are beautiful and varied ....from small and insignificant to large and flamboyant

Flowering is from September to November. 

The small and elusive Clematis Marata above is to be found in the Harris Reserve. Here it is earlier flowering than its backcountry cousin.

On to the Rakaia Gorge where we found Clematis Foetida in flower. The soft yellow is seen in great swathes all over the steep sides of the gorge as it climbs and hangs off vegetation. 

We were also looking for a much less common clematis variety.... Quadribracteolata. We were thrilled to at least find the seed heads. It flowers in September. Below is a photo of this particular clematis in flower last year .

Our last stop along the foothills was to photograph the spectacular Clematis Paniculata which grows amongst the beech forest and is at its best at this time of year. It is stunning with the white flowers standing out against the black trunks of the trees.
All in all, a successful day!!